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.Congratulations for the beginning of the web site
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Congratulations warmly to Asiamarine Co., Ltd. For the web site

           Asiamarine Co., Ltd. was founded in November 2015, registered capital of 50 million, is currently one of the largest freight forwarding logistics enterprises in Asia.It covers the fields of marine, air, land, land, warehousing and customs clearance, providing multimodal transport, regional distribution, inventory control, information technology and supply chain design and logistics solutions. Business originated in China, and Southeast Asiamarine as the axis, the global radiation.

           The company's operating network covers 22 major ports in 9 countries and regions, including Mainland China, Taiwan, China, Hongkong, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Kampuchea, Indonesia and Malaysia.

           In Yiwu, Philippines, Manila, Asiamarine is unique in the freight forwarding industry. At the beginning of the establishment of the company, the market share of the China east line, the Mediterranean line, the Africa line,  the India and Pakistan line and the European line are also the best in the middle east line, the Mediterranean line, the Africa line, the Manila line and the European line.

           The company's safe and creative logistics design scheme provides customer services including order tracking, progress coordination, allocation, domestic freight, international freight, multimodal transport, sea rail transport, warehousing management, insurance and customs declaration, including the initial supply chain planning, on-site unloading delivery, and so on. It covers the integration of upstream and downstream maritime logistics, and provides diversified one-stop, one-stop door-to-door integrated logistics supply chain services for customers.


           Customer service and excellent operation team are the focus of the company. From the definition, design, process analysis, implementation of these four stages for the guests to develop the most appropriate logistics solutions. After the selection of the scheme, but also on the process of each link of the specific analysis, and finally specify to each operation detail, which is also the company's work philosophy. At the same time, the best customs clearance team is chosen by the way of bidding. According to the nature of the customer, the list of goods and the source of the goods, according to the Chinese law, the most suitable customs clearance mode will be formulated to help the customers to reduce the customs cost, enhance the international competitiveness and promote the sustainable development of China's economy.

          At present, Yiwu, Ningbo, Guangzhou three points in China, and gradually cover all the ports in China, and the axis of Philippines, Kampuchea and India in Southeast Asiamarine is the hub of the world.

          With the rapid development of the company's business, we constantly consolidate the soft power of culture. In recent years, the company has invested more than two million to redecorate and complement thousands of square office environment hardware. Buy a bookcase, more than a thousand books, set up a unique staff learning and leisure area; buy more than 100 pots green planting, let employees in green, comfortable work, installation of direct drinking water machine, healthy drinking water, benefiting all Asiamarinen people.

While the hardware is promoted, the company takes love as its axis and takes the month as the keynote, gradually forming a month's party, February year, and March tourist music. In April, the medical examination, theday money of the may one, the dumplings and the salted eggs in June, the seven or eight and September high temperature days, the cooling fee, the air conditioning fan, the heatstroke prevention and cooling medicine, the company Buy the bill; in the mid autumn moon round, there are fruits, moon cakes to accompany; in October, the motherland, on the occasion of the birthday of theday money; the winter month, the physical activity is very important, of course, the staff sports will be very important; the moon day, with the fingers calculation, the end of the year, all kinds of reward employees smile!

"Asiamarine's length of service award is very high in the industry, as well as in state-owned enterprises and foreign enterprises," said Mr. Zhang Jin, vice president of the company. The founder and MS. Chen Lili, Ms. Chen Lili, is both sensual and perfect. It has been put forward many times in the meeting of the company management. It is more practical to have a pragmatic approach, such as slogans, cultural ideas, and so on. Employees who have experienced more than five years of work in Asiamarine can get a Asiamarine transportation logo customized 20.20 grams (love you love you) heavy gold made of gold coins, this is the Asiamarinen exclusive. The details speak for themselves. In each Women’s fesitival, women employees can receive the surprise of the company.And all the employees' children will receive the love bag of children's day.

            At the beginning of the establishment of the enterprise, the business development mission of the Hui, Hui, Hui and Hui has been set up by 100 thousand yuan to establish Asiamarinetic love foundation, and each year, the company has a number of 10 employees benefiting. At the same time, we should pay attention to the people's livelihood and the public welfare. Every year, the administrative staff of the company take the necessities of the street to the street community to help the orphans and widows. In 2013, the floods in Yuyao and the flood in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River in 2016 were all paid and donated to help the people in the disaster area to meet the difficulties.

    Nine floors of the platform, starting from the earth. Today, all the personnel in Asiamarine is step by step, work hard and move towards a happy tomorrow.




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